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Cable Connectors
Ground Clamps
Hose & Gas Fittings
Welding Cable
Chipping Hammers & Spanners
Welding Electrode Holder
Mig Welding Nozzel
Welding Gloves
Welding Shield
Fencing Grill
Gates and Fencing
Metal Deck Panel
Timber Connector
Fence Post Supports
Fencing Accessories
TAURUS INDIA LIMITED is a wholly owned subsidiary of TAURUS GROUP OF COMPANIES, the manufacturer and processors of engineering thermosetting plastic & thermoplastics.

Established in the year in 1993 at NEW DELHI, for the manufacturing of ARC WELDING ACCESSORIES and quickly earned the respect of major WELDING MANUFACTURER for quality products and dependable services.

Over a period, TAURUS has developed complete range of ACCESSORIES.

All the sheet metal handles manufactured on power presses exerting pressure up to 200 tonnes using thick gauges of steel sheets on a series of various moulds of cutting, blanking, etc. Final handles are electroplated & to give extra protection are also insulated with plastic coating.

Developments stemming from the continuous research programmes on the raw materials have shown customers how Taurus accessories can not only cut production cost, but also improve products quality the vital factors for survival in today's competitive international markets.

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