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Hose & Gas Fittings
Made on precision machines from high quality nonferrous metal extruded sections of various sizes & shapes.

In line inspection & process monitoring at all the stages of turning threading drilling & chamfering insures consistency an all the parts & their comparability with the mating parts. All the parts are free from air voids & pit holes & thier metalurgical composition delivers high mechanical properties including thier nature with the gases.
hose & gas fittings
Cable Connectors
Ground Clamps
Hose & Gas Fittings
Welding Cable
Chipping Hammers & Spanners
Welding Electrode Holder
Mig Welding Nozzel
Welding Gloves
Welding Shield
Fencing Grill
Gates and Fencing
Metal Deck Panel
Timber Connector
Fence Post Supports
Fencing Accessories
hose & gas fittings manufacturers delhi
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