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An engineering concept had been adopted to produce all the products from the most hard wearing out material. From the raw material to the finished products, quality control is rigorously observed.

We keep on improving our custom manufacturing capabilities. The selection and usage of the engineering material for the accessories has always been the decisive priority in reaching the most important objective offering high quality products. Carefully monitored and controlled manufacturing processes and rigorous testing during various stages, from the inventory to assembley shop, enables all the products to meet the required international standards.

The company has specific technical department, workshops, laboratories for testing on all the basic raw material used.

Taurus offers all the insulating parts made from polyester moulding compounds (fibre glass reinforced thermosetting plastics) and other engineering thermoplastics having high stiffness and excellent surface finish with long service life under static, dynamic and continuos high temperatures. In addition, they retain electricals and thermal insulation properties, are fire retardant and are free from halogens and toxic heavy metals. All the plastic and rubber components are manufactured in company's own moulding shop having compression, transfer and injection moulding machines, exerting pressure up to 350 tonnes.

All the sheet metal components are produced on produced on precision controlled power presses exerting pressure up to 150 tonnes in company's own press shop.

The moulding shop and the press shop is fully supported by a well epuipped tool room where all kinds of plastic, rubber and sheet metal, forging, casting and other moulds, die jigs and fixtures are designed and developed using latest computer aided programmes.

All the parts are designed and developed utilising the most advanced computer aided design techniques to determine the optimum configuration of comfort and safety of the operator. And, since the company have own tool room and computer aided designing facilities, the developments are faster and the new products are developed in reasonable time period.
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