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All the non-ferrous metals used are produced either by casting, drop forged or extruding the brass/copper section and then machined on highly precision machines like capstan, traub, lathes, drill, tapping, etc.

Casting is done with utmost care to avoid pit holes and the air gaps during various stages of hot material movement. In line testing is done at every stage to maintain the copper content and to minimise the oxidation as far as possible, which reduces the electrical conduction.

Forging is done on forging presses exerting pressure up to 300 tonnes using various moulds and dies.

Most of the components from the extruded section obtained by extruding the brass or copper rods from the various sections hexagonal, square, round, half round and "D" shape.

All the non-ferrous metals are subjected to machining for various operations like drilling, tapping, cutting on various machines like traub, lathes, capstan lathes, milling, grinding to get the specified design and shapes.

After the machining process the components are sent for passivation to remove all the coolants and lubricants used during machining.

The company is well equipped with a laboratory where all kinds of mechanical, electrical, thermal, chemical and electrical test are carried out on the raw material and the finished products to ensure the consistency and the quality, before it is being sent to workshop, and assembly shops and finally to the customers.
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